Band Placement = Bar Placement

Location, location, location! When the bar is too far away from the band that means no dancing which leads to low level of partying and then leads to people leaving early. This is something we run into all too often at private events whether it is a wedding reception, fundraiser, corporate event, birthday party, etc.

Clients book a live band to get the party started and of course the libations help, but wherever the bar is set up is where the crowd will stay. On many occasions the drinks are only being served at the opposite end of the venue from where the entertainment is located and this is a recipe for disaster! People will hang by the bar for the most part and not join in on the party vibe the band is putting out...and when the party dies early it's not only disappointing for the client but also us, the band, because we feel we've failed!

Plan A: If your venue has a built in area for serving drinks then request a second bar station set up closer to the stage/performance area. Even if the 2nd bar only serves wine and beer it will keep people on the dance floor and that means the last part of your event is sure to be a success. Keep in mind there is normally an up-charge from the venue for a second bar ($300-$600 normally).

Plan B: If only one bar is an option and it is set up far from the dance floor, make sure the guests of honor for the event (bride and groom, chair, co-chair, etc.)  get out on the dance floor and people will follow!

Until next time... Drive safe and Drive often :)


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